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jueves, 3 de abril de 2008

The most beautiful jewelry in gold and silver made by the finest artisans in Peru, Piura - Catacaos - South America - The art of filigree.

The best craftsmen in the art of jewelry in gold and silver are in the Peru-Piura-Catacaos. They have already gained a reputation nationally and internationally, being the best craft their work quoted in the World.

The Filigrana is the best work done in South America, technical conceived with silver threads that allow light and transparency, combined with the work slow and refined the design and lightness of snaps with the strength that comes from silver. The threads of different thicknesses and in some cases twisted, cover and leave other empty spaces, forming a translucent fabric that resembles techniques bolilla and crochet. This technique of ancient and distant origin-china and the Far East-took place later in Spain, Portugal, being imported into americas by goldsmiths colonizers, mainly Catacaos, also in Ayacucho and San Jeronimo de Tunán, Huancayo, north coast, extending into the Andean regions of Collao, ie Cusco and Altoperú. With simple tools and rudimentary, silversmiths of Catacaos have made over time sophisticated pieces representing motives and religious symbols to many others, such as domestic animals, sahumadores, baskets, trays, chests and earrings glittering with movements (sleeper) being the best in Peru and South America.

Watermark Since the etymological point of view, the word filigree derives from two voices: Latino Filumm meaning thread, and Granum, which means grain. A literal translation would lead us to conclude that this is "granulated thread." This definition arises by the appearance that may arise granulated surface of some classical pieces, as the threads of silver are going to be accommodated by wrapping in the area who want to work. The development of a piece of filigree requires patience proverbial; requires precision and acute vision for the product resembling a fit and for having the strength of the metal inside the soft lines and forms, however, reaching a large movement and plasticity.

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